How To Solve Garmin Memory Full Problem?

How to fix Garmin memory full problem is the general condition that bothers its users from using it. This problem erupts because of regular usage and updating your Garmin GPS device’s program. The Garmin GPS stores locations and routes, through which you were navigated so that it can improve its performance by providing you instant information to you for further use. 

The Garmin GPS keeps you updated by providing the real-time information of locations and routes. However, this kind of Garmin GPS memory full problem can be fixed by just applying some troubleshooting guidelines. 

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Methods to Fix Garmin Memory Full Problem

Here are the troubleshooting guides to treat this “Garmin GPS memory full” problem:

Restart the Garmin GPS

The primary thing to do is simply restart your Garmin GPS which can really resolve most of the common working issues of your Garmin device. You have to just locate the reset button and swipe the power button after pushing the reset. Then try to turn it on after a few seconds. 

It is upto the Garmin device you are using, the restarting process varies according to them. To know the reliable steps to restart your particular Garmin device, just contact us. Our team of professionals will help you by providing the accurate guidelines that can help you to fix this Garmin memory full problem. 

Delete Archives Files

Every Garmin device has archive folders that keep a record of your history. After a limit, it covers an extra space on your device which causes this “memory full error on Garmin device”. You can delete them by connecting your Garmin device to your PC. It needs different sets of steps on Windows and mac devices. 

On the Windows system, you need to connect your Garmin device to it. The Garmin Express is the program that can let you do it. You should install it on your Windows device through the app store or from the official website. Now, go to the “C” Drive option and find out the GPS folder. Afterward, through the GPX folder find the Archive folder. Keep going and select the all content and delete them. Make sure to restart the device and check if it fixes this Garmin Memory Full Problem. You can go through this similar process on your mac system. 

Our team of professional technical experts in Garmin customer support will let you know the process of deleting archives files. You just have to contact us for getting guided to the solution by the remote guidelines.

Hard Reset of Garmin 

The hard reset is another worthy way to fix this problem of memory full on Garmin. By doing this, your Garmin device data will be deleted that is why you are suggested to keep a backup of your all data. 

It all starts with disconnecting your Garmin device from your system. And connect it to the power socket then turn it off. Now, after a few seconds restart it by pressing the power button. While the device is about to turn on, press the right screen at the bottom of the device for 3 to 4 seconds. This will show the option of Hard Reset, you have to just allow it, which will delete your all data of your device. Now, you have to verify if this has fixed the Garmin Memory Full Problem. 

Our team of Garmin customer support offers you the required assistance that can resolve this issue of Garmin GPS memory full. If this hard reset troubleshooting guideline does not work in your favor, then We offer technical experts who will deliver you another solution to this issue.

Update Garmin Software or Recalculate Route

You have to make sure to keep updating the Garmin software’s latest version on your device. It is a prominent program that provides you the live information of routes and locations. An outdated installed version of Garmin software on your device will interrupt its functionalities. 

As we have discussed, Garmin keeps storing your navigating activity. When its space gets full, it won’t calculate your route demand and show this “Route memory full” notification. The solution to this error is to try to calculate a specific part of the routes. 

To know how to calculate the route by breaking it, you should contact our technical team of Garmin customer service. We will help you to know how to recalculate the route or update the Garmin software which will surely fix this Garmin Memory Full Problem. 


Here we have delivered every possible troubleshooting guideline that can easily let you fix this Garmin memory full problem issue. Just try each of them and keep making sure which one can fix this. To apply some of the methods you are going to need our expert’s assistance. Our third-party support service is the best available option for dealing with every of Garmin’s gadget issues. 

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