It becomes inconvenient when your Garmin Express not working in Windows 10. The Garmin Express is a free PC or laptop-compatible program for Windows and mac devices. It lets you update and manage your Garmin product and their data. Recently, some Windows users are facing this error that doesn’t let them open or even install this application. We will help you out with this issue by providing some troubleshooting guidelines. 

Our third-party service can be reached at this Garmin customer support number +1-410-896-8780. We offer a professional team of technical experts, who can resolve this issue of Garmin express windows 10 not working. Our provided remote troubleshooting guidelines are enough to start again your Garmin express on your Windows. 

Reasons for Causing this Garmin Express Not Working in Windows 10

There are some common factors that cause this obstacle of not working Garmin Express application:

  • The outdated Garmin Express program creates this working issue on your Windows. 
  • A weak internet connection or the improper connection of the USB is also a reason for its working problem. 
  • The requirements of Garmin express might be incompatible with your Windows 10 device. 
  • Another reason is the Garmin devices are formatted as FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 would not be recognized by your computer.

There could be many other reasons that cause this condition but with our Garmin customer support service, we assure you that we will guide you in fixing them all. 

Methods to Fix this Garmin express not working windows 10?

Check these given troubleshooting guidelines that can resolve your this Garmin express windows 10 not working obstacle:

Keep the System Requirements 

The first thing you should ensure is your Windows 10 device’s hardware status. It must be compatible with Garmin Express to function well. It needs an operating system of Windows 7 or above with Microsoft. NET 4.5.2. The display must be 1024X768 pixels, have a USB port, and have RAM of 1 GB. The free hard disk space of a minimum of 20GB and 20Mbps internet speed.

To check your PC or laptop’s status, you should contact our Garmin customer support service. Our team of professionals will help you to know your device’s hardware and software status and also let you know further steps to update them. This will solve your  Garmin Express not working on Windows 10 problem.

Update Windows & the Garmin Express Application

You must look out for the pending latest Windows update. It starts with the Win. & I command to settings and then to Update & Security. This will show you the “Windows Update”. Now find the “Check for updates” and start the installation process after following the instructions. 

Another thing is to update the latest version of the Garmin Express application. You can find out the available latest update of the program on the official website of Garmin. 

To complete these requirements, you need to contact our Garmin customer support service. Our team of professionals will instruct you to update your Windows and Garmin Express applications. This will fix you not working Garmin Express on windows 10 error. 

Compatibility Mode

Another reason your “Garmin’s Express” application does not work on Windows 10 is your computer might not be compatible with this app. To fix this, you have to start Express in compatibility mode. Just right-click on the app and choose the properties. Now, go to the compatibility tab and look for “run this program in the compatibility mode” or “Run compatibility troubleshoot” and select Windows version 10. Complete this by clicking OK and saving the changes. 

To get easily guided to complete the process, you need to ask our technical experts. Our team of professionals will guide you to start this program in compatibility mode. After that, you have to open the application to check its working status. If this didn’t work, try the following troubleshooting to resolve this Garmin express not working windows 10 problem. 

Install the Latest .NET Framework

The .NET files-related problems are the causes of this Garmin express windows 10 not working issue. To fix them, you need to refresh or install the latest one. It starts by opening the Control panel to “programs & features” and then turning on and off the Windows features. Now, unselect every box that contains the .NET framework and save the setting. Afterward, on the official page of .NET download the latest version of it.

It is not easy for anyone to install these .NET frameworks, therefore we suggest you contact our Garmin support team. We will assist you so that you can complete this troubleshooting method that can fix this Garmin’s express does not working on windows 10 trouble. 

Clear Configuration Files of Garmin Express

Possibly the saved corrupt configurated files are another factor that erupts this “Garmin express not working issue in windows 10”. By deleting or Resetting these configuration files, you can fix this issue. It all starts with the Run Windows that open with Win. and R keys. Now, enter the %localappdata% that will open the local folder in File Explorer. Then look for the Garmin folder and delete them. After that, restart your PC or laptop, this must end up fixing the not working problem of Garmin Express. 

Our team of Garmin customer support professionals will help you to delete these faulty configured files that are stopping your Garmin Express from working. Our provided guidelines solution will solve this issue of Garmin’s express doesn’t working on windows 10. 


These are the troubleshooting methods that will surely fix this error of Garmin express windows 10 not working. You just have to try all of them until you get the solution. Any one of them will surely help you to start working the Garmin Express on your Windows 10 on your device. 

Our third-party services are available at Garmin customer support number +1-410-896-8780 or you can mail or start an instant live chat with our experts. Our team of technical experts will help you by assisting you through each troubleshooting method. With our remote support option, you can treat this Garmin express not working windows 10 error. 

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